RV Trailer Rain Damage

RV repair up and coming. The previous post described how to prepare the unit to be removed from it’s spot.  It was a pretty straight forward process I thought. A Nomad/ RV owner has to deal with this ‘rot’ business at some point unless there isn’t one.

The refrigerator is now sitting on the RV table and I see that we have a problem.  Ewww. Rot! Ugly, ugly.

Joyce’s RV Legacy

I cut the ceiling paper off and then I cut with my trusty blade, into the thin rotting wood. I pull layer after layer down until I get to the good wood covering the insulation. RV repair is an interesting experience isn’t it?

Joyce’s RV Legacy – Ceiling rot

As I got deeper, I could see that it was mainly surface. Hurray!  There was a 2×2 that was rotten right under the refrigerator ceiling vent and I used the claw part of a hammer to pull it out. It was a little messy but worth the peace of mind knowing

#1….I can do this and did I ever doubt I couldn’t?

#2….I can now proceed to get this camper RV ready for a little nomad living in the boondocks!  Wahoo!

But how is that rot going to be prevented in the future….I will have to think on that one.  Any ideas?  It looks very well sealed looking at the roof side.  I will have to google it.  Everythings on Google, right?!

So if you have had this and have suggestions, I will gladly consider them.  I now belong to a Facebook group for Rancho El Rae trailers and can ask questions there too.

Have a great day!

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