How to choose an RV… Trailer vs Class A B or C or Van

Why choose a camp travel trailer for a Nomad RV ? Why not a van, motorhome, car, camper on a pickup or a tent? I looked hard at all the options. What would work best for me? Consider budget, insurance, space, gas $, boondock or parks, maintenance, repairs, comfort, full time living (nomad) or part […]

How to change Vintage RV Door Knobs for Rae

New and better RV knobs to replace round knobs. Preparing for RVing takes preparation. More than I remember. As a solo, it all falls on one person pretty much. It’s the little things though that make RVing in an RV, a home. So here is one simple pleasure. I removed the old door knob from […]

How to remove RV Refrigerator removal? Really!

So EASY! What…a woman, no less a grandmother… remove the RV refrigerator!?  I have been thinking about this for awhile and didn’t want to do it. However, I couldn’t move forward with improving Rae, my camp trailer,  until I had checked for water damaged wood in the ceiling after noticing signs of it around the […]

Blog up and running along with site is rather frustrating!

Working at getting all the buttons to work is quite a challenge.  It certainly is not perfect yet. Having your display picture just right is a challenge.  The Logo?  Hmmm. Have to work on that. Here is a link to a video that walks you through if you want to give it a try.  Just […]

RV – travel trailer – tow vehicle decisions.

I had been interested in ‘tiny houses’ for months.  For some reason while I was watching tours of youtube tiny house videos, ‘CheapRVLiving’ showed up.  Well, that was the beginning of my realization of living my dream.  I had grown up camping, then became familiar with ‘glamping’. A few years ago, I ran across Sisters […]