RV – travel trailer – tow vehicle decisions.

I had been interested in ‘tiny houses’ for months.  For some reason while I was watching tours of youtube tiny house videos, ‘CheapRVLiving’ showed up.  Well, that was the beginning of my realization of living my dream.  I had grown up camping, then became familiar with ‘glamping’. A few years ago, I ran across Sisters On The Fly and bought their books.  I wasn’t in a position to join them down in Texas.

So little by little, my memory began to kick in of what I had wanted to do but had stuffed away.  The difficult part was making decisions about tow vehicles. I sold my KIA and purchased a 1973 Ford Edge AWD.  Now that I am in snow country, that seemed like a good choice and the salesman said this would be a perfect choice for my interests.

As the months went by, I continued and still continue to watch as many RV , nomad, vandweller, conversion, solo, single RVing, dry camping, boondocking videos as possible to learn as much as I can. I watch Bob Wells videos on CheapRVLiving whenever a new one comes out and learn so much!

I purchased Carolyn’sRVLife’s book as well as InterstellarOrchards book on Amazon.  These helped and continue to help me develop this site.


Now it became clear that what I could tow was not what I expected. I had advice from everyone saying I could only tow less than 2000 lbs.  This was very limiting!  I was ready to throw in the towel and get a different vehicle. I went to the parts department at the local Ford dealership and he said I was safe up to 3500 lbs…preferably less.  He spoke like an expert and researched online as well.  I now felt comfortable continuing my search for the right RV.



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