How to choose an RV… Trailer vs Class A B or C or Van

Why choose a camp travel trailer for a Nomad RV ?
Why not a van, motorhome, car, camper on a pickup or a tent?

I looked hard at all the options. What would work best for me?
Consider budget, insurance, space, gas $, boondock or parks, maintenance, repairs, comfort, full time living (nomad) or part time, along with pets. These are just a few to consider.
I choose a ‘vintage’ trailer. In my mind it just means old but vintage is rather a fun term.
1. I like the flexibility of not carrying around my stuff when I run an errand.
2. I don’t like the noise from stuff clanking behind me while driving.
3. I have a large dog, Mr. Darcy, and he likes to stretch out…I believe that would be difficult in some vehicles or coaches.
4. A trailer is what I was familiar with and if parked just right can promote privacy.
5. It doesn’t have an engine.
6. I can stand up.
7. It has an oven.
8. I know how to back trailers.
9. I can change out my tow vehicle as necessary.
10. It’s a ‘tiny home’.

There are con’s as well but for now that was my decision. The other option down the road may be to purchase a utility trailer and make it my own with my own design…I am strongly considering this and doing research.

What do you have and why did you go with your particular RV? I would love to know. Please subscribe.

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