How to change Vintage RV Door Knobs for Rae

New and better RV knobs to replace round knobs.

Preparing for RVing takes preparation. More than I remember. As a solo, it all falls on one person pretty much. It’s the little things though that make RVing in an RV, a home.

So here is one simple pleasure. I removed the old door knob from the RV camper trailer door.  Each time I opened the door from the inside, it would scrap my fingers on the screen door. You can see how close it is.

 I also had to use a hammer to pound on the lower hinge of the screen door as it was out of alignment. That was easy.  It is only aluminum.

 I went to Home Depot and decided a lever type would work much better.  It was an easy fix. I merely removed the handles leaving the latch part intact.  It had to be done with a long handled Philips screw driver because I do not have a long enough bit for my drill.  It does take some patience lining up the screws from the inside handle to the outside handle.

Any grandmother (or anyone) can do this!  It is super simple! Mr. Darcy was the supervisor of course.  I want to do as much as possible before boondocking or anything else because I have the tools and electricity.  At a later date, I plan on losening the knobs and painting the door.  It isn’t that crucial yet.  But you can see, looking at the picture….it needs help.  

Joyce’s RV Legacy

Now when I open the door, it is much easier and my fingers are much happier.

So please share what are some of the small improvements you have made on your RV?  Why has that helped? Or what do you plan on doing?  Thanks!
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