Single Woman on an RV Adventure Welcome!

RV Blogging begins! Learn from me. It has been a long go trying to get everything together and working on this website.  I can only hope it is finally going to happen.  

I chose to host my site and wordpress.  However, I was doubled charged, which was because I clicked a link when I should not have.  That required a phone call. Then I had to wait 24 hours.  It was 5 phone calls and weeks later when I had the chance to call again.  I spoke to a gal who sent me to a series of youtube videos where Mick, led me through step by step and it is hosted by hostgator that got me to this point.  They do have experts on hand to help me if I have problems but that will cost money.  I am hoping that will be a last resort.

I think the most confusing thing about a site is choosing the ‘theme’. Nothing is clear really but the videos were quite helpful.

So welcome to my site…Please Subscribe

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