How to remove RV Refrigerator removal? Really!

So EASY! What…a woman, no less a grandmother… remove the RV refrigerator!?  I have been thinking about this for awhile and didn’t want to do it. However, I couldn’t move forward with improving Rae, my camp trailer,  until I had checked for water damaged wood in the ceiling after noticing signs of it around the refrigerator.

  Disclaimer: For reasons I do not know yet…wordpress turns some pictures upside down or sideways.  You are looking at the ceiling and not the floor…..

This afternoon I removed the refrigerator from the RV.  YUP!  I watched a few youtube videos last night and then borrowed some crescent wrenches.  When I took off the back panel,  I could see which ‘thing’ had to be unscrewed but when I did the little switch area moved too. 

I sprayed it with WD-40 and let it sit. Then I put one wrench on the control part to hold it steady.  I place the wrench (3/4″)  I would use to unscrew on the other. So I held the right wrench steady while I pushed up on the other (righty tighty-lefty losey).

It let go fairly easily and I proceeded to continue turning it.    It took a bit of unscrewing to get it off.  Once it was, you just pull the left part out of the right part and it is done.  

BESURE to turn off the gas before you begin. Also, unplug the cord.

The RV refrig was not attached with screws on the back side. Screws only seem to be on the front. Perhaps when I reinstall, I will put in some screws for my piece of mind.

To remove the refrig I did have to take out about 4 screws. First I had to take off the door which was only a matter of loosing the bolt on top of the door and lifting it up.  My daughter helped me set it on the table.

Here is the video I watched.

I hope this helps.  Your RV refrigerator unit may be a little bit different but basically they are all the same.   I found dried up grass next to the unit and alot of dirt.  Once it was out…I grabbed my broom and then my vacuum.

Do you have any tips or having to do this?  If you have to replace your unit, this will certainly help too.  It isn’t that complicated really.

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