My Rig

Meet ‘Rae’. She is a 1973 Rancho El Rae.  These were made in Utah and then later in California.  Rae is in very good condition and I am checking everything out with the help of youtube videos, websites and blogs.  

My philosophy has become….’You can find anything on Youtube’ and it is pretty much true.

My load limit is 3500 lbs and she is supposedly only 1200 lbs before loading.  I must take her and weigh to see if that is true.

Her interior appliances and trim were the popular ‘harvest gold’ which isn’t my favorite but better than the ‘avocado green’.  I would have preferred the ‘Spanish Blue’ but I could always just get a can of paint, right?   Now the brown paneling is white. First I primed it with an oil based primer and then painted with high gloss white.

I used a painters drop cloth to recover all of the cushions and also for the curtains……to be continued