Meet My Mr. Darcy

 I think that every woman needs a “Mr. Darcy”.  If you have read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, you see what I mean, perhaps.  A few years ago, I wanted to get a large dog that had a loud bark.  I didn’t want a dog that would shed. I’ve had a few of those in the past. My trade off was now I have one that needs regular hair cuts.

 I went to the Houston Poodle Rescue and adopted a male, black, 6 month old Standard Poodle.          They are a great organization. Mr. Darcy was a big puppy and I had to learn dog obedience.  I am really a cat person but sometimes we have to change to meet our circumstances. So I did.

He met all the requirements: big, loud bark, sharp teeth, smart, strong, handsome and he has been my companion every since.  

Usually, when I take pictures of him, it’s tough to see him. In the snow with black against white, he really shows up.  I was living in Texas at the time (4 years ago) I got him and I rode horses in the Sam Houston National Forest. So, his secondary name was ‘Texas Trail Runner’….

He can actually run 25 to 30 mph. It is really amazing. I would say his personality and character are like Tigar in the story of Winnie The Pooh.