About Me

Joyce’s RV Legacy

My hope is to inspire women of any age, to travel if they so desire, in a van, car, trailer or whatever their mode and perhaps learn from my experiences. I’m a solo-single, over 60, touring grandmother (soon I hope to be on the road). I’ve raised children, owned my own business and taught school. I’m a romantic at heart and this is my new chapter.

Learning to RV, boon-dock, or dry camp is not a new experience for me as I did it regularly as a child. However, technology, solar, wifi, nomad living IS NEW and I am learning as I go.…I’m out to see family and friends (make new ones), and hunt down my ancestors along the way.

I love and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us and find peace in the outdoors.  Join me as I step into my future and RVing legacy.

Remember: “Nothing succeeds like excuses.” Lady Crawley in Downton Abbey