Joyce's RV Legacy

There Is Still So Much To See!

What Holds Us Back from Living Our Dreams?

I sold my country home in Texas after the ending of a 30 year marriage, packed up my belongings, my dog and left the state to begin anew. I had no intention of staying in hotels along the way. I had purchased a tent that easily set up and a warm sleeping bag. I headed out to one of my daughters' home 1700 miles away and wanted to enjoy the journey by seeing some things I had never seen before. Little did I know that I would enjoy it so much! I was staring fresh.

I took a only a week but enjoyed that week. I spent 1 night in New Mexico at a KOA and they had new 'vintage' trailers to rent. These were exactly like the ones we had as a child. I
remembered that I had had a desire to purchase a travel trailer in the recent past but had put it out of my mind. I had even read about glamping and SOTF.

I had been looking at ‘tiny homes’ for quite awhile and at some point, RV living youtube sites began showing up in the feed. I began watching and learning all about ‘nomad’ living. It wasn’t a new concept for me. Every summer, growing up my extended family we all went out into the ‘boondocks’ of Central Oregon for a few weeks. Rarely, did we stay in a campground. Campgrounds were too limiting.

Now here I was, in a position to perhaps enjoy that kind of lifestyle as a grandmother. Age should not be a limiting factor. I want to camp when my children camp, visit them wherever they live and enjoy the journey getting there.

I am passionate about history and family history (genealogy). I want to see the land my ancestors lived on. This would give me an opportunity to do it!

Can I inspire other solo women to just do it? I hope so.....Will they take courage, stop with the excuses and just do it? I am hoping so. We are young minded and can still live our dreams which we may have buried for a long time! We do have choices...Yes, we do! Our generation is one of ground breakers and those that can't be held down.
Don't hold back! Let’s do it!